What to do and what not to do in oversized fashion?

As a woman, I learned a lot about dressing my character type. These include things that make the flaw of the plus-size body, the best plus-size outfits of women, ideas for style, what to wear and what not to wear. . If you are looking for extra size tips for wearing style, these are some of my recommendations and not in plus-size fashion. Click for more information about plus size urban clothing

Fashion and style are more about looking and feeling confident in everything you wear. These are plus-size fashion tips that I like to follow for my own style, and they look better for me and my character type. If you need a little help with what and how to wear clothes, feel free to take some, all or none of these tips when choosing a dress.

Wear the correct underwear
Consider underwear as the basis of your outfit. Having a properly fitting bra and underwear can have a big impact on your look and feel. If you have tight bras with small straps, they are almost uncomfortably dug into your skin. When it comes to bras, finding a bra that fits you will give you more support and you will use wider straps. It can also prevent bumps in the back.

If wearing my grandmother’s pants is bad, I don’t want to be right. Find something comfortable and high waist that will give your stomach a little support. If you have an apple-shaped figure and you want a slightly tighter middle part, you should wear shaped clothing to better shape your figure. I’m not saying you should wear Spanx every day because NO. Use it for special occasions because you want to, not because you have to.

This is key when combining outfits. You don’t want to wear a big t-shirt with loose pants. This whole look will make you bigger and you will simply swallow your whole body. The same goes for the opposite. Do not wear anything so tight that you do not feel comfortable walking.

If you have a loose top, then combine it with a tighter bottom, such as these Spanx faux leather leggings or skinny jeans (they can be Baby Gen Z). If you have something a little tight on top, combine it with a flowing skirt or loose pants. You can also throw a loose layer on top as a comfortable cardigan or vest. What to do and what not to do in oversized fashion

This is a purely personal opinion, but I tend to use solid materials instead of printing. I have a few exceptions, such as polka dots, stripes and sometimes flannel. I know that some crazier designs can make some clothes cheaper and solids are easier to adjust.

It will return to balance. Don’t try to cover your body and hide in big clothes. In big clothes, you lose your curves and shapes. Wearing clothes that are too tight can be uncomfortable. And when you feel uncomfortable, you are uncomfortable. When we talk about discomfort, substances are also important. Wear flowing fabrics and cover your body instead of holding them.

I’m always looking for clothes with unique cuts and shapes that shape my figure better. You can find clothes with more fabric in the hips to make your body look more crooked. Cuts can also be affected. In addition to the shoulders, wide necklines can give you a wider look. Choose a V-neck dress and a wrap dress instead. Related post: How to adjust the body in the shape of an apple