Virtual Workshop Methodology: Bridging the Distance in Remote Collaboration

A Case Study by Woodside Global Partners


Individuals spread all over the planet combine efforts in a virtual studio to make a venture plan. How would you provide everybody with a sensation of prompt, live cooperation? How would you keep them locked in? The response structure the studio around three standards:

Perception of thoughts: Elements of the undertaking plan are caught on tacky notes and showed on a flipchart
Synchronous cooperation: All members produce thoughts progressively, as they would in a real meeting room
Rich experience: Regardless of actual area, everybody is dynamic both through sound and outwardly
The three standards become an integral factor in a virtual studio utilizing project the executives best practices, web conferencing with Cisco WebEx, and an imaginative programming application. As the members produce thoughts for the undertaking plan, they type them into an application shared on their PC screens and print them locally on tacky (3M Post-it) notes. The notes are then stuck on flipcharts, apparent to the whole gathering both locally and from a distance. The undertaking plan comes to fruition as the gathering examines the thoughts imprinted on the notes and moves them around on the flipcharts. The last groupings of notes are checked into Microsoft Excel or Project, where they are adjusted into an intelligent venture plan. At the finish of the studio, the arrangement is dispersed electronically to all.

Starter contemplations

The setting

This contextual analysis portrays a studio directed in mid 2011 at a division of a significant maker of correspondences and data innovation gear. The reason for the studio is to get wide acknowledgment of a venture plan among a gathering of thirty task partners scattered north of a few areas. The task includes a revamping of the pay structure for representatives. To amplify the dynamic commitment of the partners in fostering the arrangement, the studio coordinators endeavor to make an air of eye to eye association whether or not the partners are nearby or remote.

Customary strategies

Conceptualizing groups have a decision of two famous strategies.

Technique 1 (nearby group). The סדנאות גיבוש לעובדים group assembles in a meeting room. As the members think of thoughts, they keep in touch with them on tacky notes, for example, Post-its. The notes are stuck on a divider or a flipchart and moved around. When every one of the thoughts have been submitted and requested into an arrangement, one of the members types up the notes properly aligned the flipchart into Microsoft Word, Excel, or Project. Later the composing is finished, the electronic document is appropriated to the next colleagues.