Some Basic Things to do on Your Air Track

The Air Track is not just a gymnastics usage product but it is also very versatile in nature. It is as creative that it is perfect for outdoor gym mat. Here are the 5 best ideasto use your favorite Air Track with:


Handstands includes various things like you can walk your both legs up on a wall until you are in a position of handstand.The wall will help you to balance you while strengthening your arms and squeezes your muscles. You need to keep your neck even. This will obviously keep you and your body inline.


Cartwheel can be started on a lounge while putting your both hands right on the floor. You can now practice kicking your legs up from that previous position. You can also push off your supporting leg while kicking with other leg. You need to do this for a few time. You can also point your toes while keeping your legs straight.

Stretching or Yoga

These are the most favorite as usual. You can touch your toes while starting with your knees and feet stretched and straight together. Now you need to extend your both arms and try to touch your toes. Straddle now. You can also start in lunges position.

These are one of the most useful exercises that can easily be performed on an air track mat. If you are looking to have your own air track then you can buy from Kameymall brand.