EBC Brake Pads and Rotors – Ford Focus Braking Designed “Green” For the Environment

Brake residue and wear trash from cushions is destructive to the climate.
EBC has been producing plates brakes and circle brake cushions starting around 1978.
EBC has extraordinarily diminished degrees of perilous residue flotsam and jetsam from its plate brake and brake cushions.
Each cluster of brake cushions made by EBC is brake pad exposed to different thorough tests.
EBC’s Greenstuff Sport Series brake cushions come in three territories: 2000, 6000, and 7000.
EBC’s Redstuff Series brake cushions are intended for vehicles with more than 200Bhp.
EBC’s Yellowstuff Series brake cushions are useful for huge torque or towing truly substantial freight.
EBC’s Bluestuff Series offers quality race style cushions that limit circle wear, brutality and clamor.
With the nature of our air being progressively compromised ordinary and terrains and seas dirtied continually, we as a general public have met up to assist with tracking down better approaches to dial back our annihilation of Mother Earth. We keep on propelling our insight and innovations permitting us to reuse numerous materials gone to squander previously. In any case, reusing is just important for the arrangement. You can’t stop risky waste assuming you don’t have a clue about it’s being created. With north of 250 million traveler vehicles out and about today in the United States alone in a real sense radiating a great many huge loads of brake dust into the air and onto the ground, the mileage of brake cushions is more genuine than the greater part of us understand. Unsafe residue dangers coming about because of brake cushions wearing can incorporate the delivering of residue particles of metals into the air and onto the ground like copper and lead, natural and inorganic strands and even asbestos from brake cushions for explicit item prerequisites and business applications. Remember, not just vehicles and trucks use plate brakes and cushions, so do specific trail blazing bicycles, bikes, airplane, and even trains which kick out wear flotsam and jetsam each time the brake is applied.
The EBC Brake Group is an exclusive organization that has been producing brake plates and circle brake cushions starting around 1978 for vehicles, trucks, cruisers, A.t.v.’s, 4 wheelers, go karts and trail blazing bicycles. Brakes that have consistently shared an ecologically cognizant trademark tending to these concealed poisons. For a large number of their years in business, EBC has extraordinarily diminished degrees of risky residue trash from its plate brake and brake cushions by basically getting rid of harmful fixings and synthetics usually found in the circle brake and brake cushions industry. Circle brakes and brake cushions fabricated with the greatest possible level of regard and protection of the climate as it’s main objective. That is the thing that has made EBC Brakes an innovator in plate brakes and brake cushions limiting destructive, conceivably harmful brake dust trash into the climate.

Quality comes standard with all EBC brake cushions and plate brake items. Each and every cluster of cushions fabricated by EBC is exposed to different thorough and solid tests including, yet not restricted to, dangerous sheer testing, thickness testing, compressibility testing, ultrasonic and sonar testing and in any event, testing of contact levels to consistently convey ensured flawlessness with their cushions. The outcome dependable, sturdy harmless to the ecosystem cushions and items solid longer with less wear keeping perilous garbage delivered into the environment to a negligible.

EBC brake cushions arrive in a varying scope of execution relying upon explicit use and use of the brake cushions. First off, there’s the Greenstuff Sport Series cushions comprising of three territories. The 2000 series for conservative game vehicles and hatchback models. The 6000 series for trucks and Suv’s, and the 7000 series low residue for truck and Suv’s. Since its underlying dispatch in 1997, the Greenstuff Series has sold more than 3,000,000 arrangements of execution car brakes and cushions the whole way across the globe.

For those of you inspired by the road scene, EBC’s Redstuff Series brake cushions are intended for vehicles with more than 200Bhp. Redstuff cushions will diminish dust much more prominent while expanding separating potential by to 30% contrasted with some OEM slowing mechanisms and production line cushions. Less residue from the cushions approaches less mileage on the rotors which, over the long haul, can practically twofold the future of the rotors.

On the off chance that your going to the race track with huge pull or simply towing some truly substantial freight, EBC’s Yellowstuff Series brake cushions may be the ticket. These cushions make for an extraordinary overhaul for truck and SUV slowing mechanisms. Yellowstuff cushions will anyway create comparative measures of residue as OEM style brake cushions yet with seriously halting power.

At last, EBC’s Bluestuff Series offers quality race style cushions that limit plate wear, brutality and commotion. Bluestuff cushions require thruway wellbeing genuinely and later incalculable long stretches of testing, these brakes are probably the best presented available today. Also, a reasonable method for overhauling vehicle execution.